Describe the organizational structure of your school or company. What difficulties have you encountered working within this structure?

Organizational structure describes the organization’s setup. It includes power levels and interactions between different teams or departments. There are many types of organizational structures, including hierarchical, flat and matrix structures, as well as network structures.

A hierarchical structure, also known as a “tall” structure, is characterized by a clear chain of command and a narrow span of control. The hierarchical structure has many levels of management. Each employee is accountable to only one manager. This structure can help to maintain control and stability in traditional large organizations.

A flat structure, also known as a “flat” structure, is characterized by a limited number of layers of management and a wide span of control. Flat structures allow employees more freedom and managers can be closer to the top of the company. This structure is most common in small organizations and in companies that value innovation and flexibility.

The matrix structure is an amalgamation of hierarchical as well as flat structures. This is an organizational structure where individuals share responsibility for more than one manager. This is an organizational structure that divides work among teams and individuals. It’s often used in dynamic environments. Additionally, it helps organizations balance project-based and functional work.

These are the possible responsibilities of a project manager within a matrix company.

  • Develop project plans, schedules and budgets
  • The coordination of work among project team members. They may have multiple projects assigned simultaneously.
  • Communications with key stakeholders (including upper management, clients, project sponsors)
  • Management of project risks and other issues
  • Assisting in ensuring that the project deliverables arrive on-time and within budget
  • Keep project team members updated about progress and any changes
  • Assuring project documentation accuracy and compliance

These are some of the problems that can be faced when you work in a matrix organisation:

  • Difficulty in coordinating conflicting priorities of different managers and team members.
  • Confusing and delayed results could result from limited resources and overlap of responsibilities.
  • Communication channels that are effective and efficient can be difficult to establish.
  • It is difficult to ensure that everyone in the team knows their role and responsibilities.
  • Difficulty measuring team performance and giving effective feedback.
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