Describe the  measures identified from the interviews, the challenges to obtaining the  data that were discussed, and a summary of how this quality indicator  is measured in the literature.

Practical measurement: Only 4220 hours of walden university experience

From interviews, it was determined that the interviewees had a good understanding of safety protocols and safe handling and disposal hazardous materials. There were also communication issues between employees regarding patient care. The lack of clearly defined standards or definitions of the quality indicator that is being measured was one of the obstacles to collecting the necessary data. There were also a shortage of personnel and resources to gather the information. This quality indicator can be summarized in the literature as follows: surveys are distributed to staff about compliance with safety protocols, direct observation of staff when they interact with patients and implementation of safety monitoring systems over time. Also, medical records may be reviewed for evidence regarding safety protocols. You can use these measures to determine the organization’s ability to provide patient safety at their facility.

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