Describe the location and type of product or service being offered. What elements of style and technique did you observe in the salesperson’s presentation?

Although I’m an AI model, I cannot observe the sales process, or even go to the store to ask questions. However, I can help you answer the questions you need.

Type of service or product being offered and location: This was an appliance store.

Style and technique elements: The salesperson presented the following styles and techniques:

  • Build rapport: I was greeted warmly by the salesperson and asked about my requirements. It made me feel welcome and valued.
  • Showing me product benefits and features: I was taken to the area of the store where refrigerators were located. He explained the benefits and features of each model to me. The salesman explained to me the differences in the models and the best uses for them.
  • Resolving objections: I was able for the salesperson to answer any questions that I may have about the product such as its price or warranty.
  • Closing of the sale

Although the salesperson succeeded, he was unsuccessful in closing any sale. The product was not clear to me and I didn’t want to buy it right away. However, the salesperson gave me his card and requested that I return with any additional questions.

Buy the product/service: Although I didn’t purchase it at the event, I will be looking into purchasing the service or product in the future. All my questions were answered and the sales person was extremely knowledgeable. His ability to explain all the advantages and features was impressive. It was reasonable in price and the salesperson seemed to be interested in my best buying decision.

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