Describe the larger problem or issue you explored in your DNP Project. Explain how this problem or issue affects nursing practice and the overall health care system.

Walden University| NURS 8510 – Evidence-Based Practice III: Implementation, Evaluation, and Dissemination | Walden University

My DNP Project focused on the creation of an Electronic Health Record system (EHR), which would allow a hospital with psychiatric patients to better document their care. The EHR system allows nurses to record patient encounters faster, more accurately and with greater efficiency than paper-based systems. This will impact nursing practice as well as the health care system.

EHRs also allow for a more consistent approach to data collection, which can facilitate better communication among providers and better access to patient information, better treatment decisions, better billing processes, better tracking of medication and treatments over time, as well as improved outcomes. EHRs allow for shared decision-making between providers and patients by making it easier to access more detailed information about past medical histories that can be accessed during visits.

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