Describe the history of the U.S. health care system. Include at least three of the revolutionary factors (e.g., the teacher’s union in Dallas, Texas; The American Medical Association; Civil War, first Marine Hospital, etc.).

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It is difficult to know the history of America’s health system. One of the most influential forces in shaping the modern healthcare system was the teacher’s union in Dallas, Texas. They successfully lobby for public funding in 1885 to offer medical services to their members. They set an example that was later followed across the country.

Next came the American Medical Association, which was created in 1847 to promote medical education and standardize patient care. This association had a tremendous impact in establishing guidelines national for physician practice, and increasing cooperation between providers.

The Civil War saw the creation of the first Marine Hospital Service for soldiers injured. It was a significant moment in U.S. history regarding health care. Additionally, legislation such as Medicare & Medicaid Act 1965 played a major role in providing access to healthcare for those who were unable to pay out-of-pocket expenses.

Technology’s advancements have been crucial in changing the way healthcare services are delivered. Instead of using manual records keeping techniques in previous decades, they now use digital technology. These factors have helped shape what we now know as America’s modern health care system.

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