Describe the EMR/EHR. Provide what you deem to be the benefits as well as the challenges in using this EMR/EHR.

Research paper on electronic health records

An Electronic Medical Record (EMR) or Electronic Health Record (EHR) is a digital version of a patient’s medical history that can be accessed and updated by healthcare providers. The system can securely store patient information, including medical histories, laboratory results, medication, treatment plans, and any other pertinent information that could be useful in improving the care received.

An EMR/EHR’s main advantage is the ability to give real-time patient access. This means that doctors don’t have to spend time searching for paperwork and waiting for answers. They can also access the key details they need quickly. This system allows doctors to electronically prescribing medicines from their computers, which makes them more efficient. EMR/EHR maintenance can decrease errors in treatment planning compliance and diagnosis.

Implementing EMR/EHR can present some challenges. There are cost-avoidance and maintenance system, privacy concerns about access to confidential information by training staff. In order to ensure seamless integration of different systems, it is possible that older technology may be incompatible with newer technologies. A few people might feel overwhelmed by all the technology involved in a visit. These challenges are worth it, however.

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