Describe the difference between the terms “ethical dilemma” and “ethical lapse” using a minimum of one scholarly and/or credible source from the library to defend your answer.

Ethical dilemma versus ethical lapse| BUS 340 Business Communications | Ashford University

When an organization or individual must decide between two or more actions which could lead to harm, it is known as an ethical dilemma. It is a dilemma between two or more moral principles, which means it can be argued that both are equally important. Ethical dilemmas often involve making choices with no clear-cut solution; instead, individuals must weigh each option and its potential consequences carefully before deciding on the most “ethical” course of action.

An ethical lapse, on the other hand, is a mistake in judgment made by someone trying to be ethical but fails because of lack of knowledge or lack of experience. While there might not be a right answer to an ethical problem and it is difficult to determine the optimal solution based on specific circumstances, ethical mistakes can be prevented by better education and understanding professional codes. (Citation: Stearns SA & O’Connor JA (2020). The principled approach to nursing ethics

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