Describe the difference between race and ethnicity. Then discuss how racial categories have evolved over the last few centuries (Why are people from India categorized as Asian and why are North Africans and Arabs categorized as White?).

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Although they are sometimes used interchangeably, the terms race and ethnicity have distinct meanings. While race refers to the social construct of physical characteristics like skin color, facial features or skin tone, ethnicity is about a shared cultural identity through shared heritage and language. Important distinction. It highlights the importance of culture and environmental factors in determining how individuals identify.

As society becomes more fluid and diverse, racial classifications have changed over the years. People from India, for example are often categorized as Asian because of their geographic location and the long-lasting cultural connections with countries within that region. Similarly, North Africans and Arabs have been increasingly classified under the “White” category due to their lighter skin tone compared to other groups which may share similar cultural backgrounds.

Understanding the differences between race and ethnicity will help healthcare professionals better understand patient needs. This is because it allows them to take into consideration any biases or assumptions that might be made when dealing with people from different backgrounds. Knowing how the racial groups have evolved over time may help to understand why different populations might be mixed together.

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