Describe the current health care administration leadership issue you selected and explain why that issue interests you and explain two ways the information you gathered in this course can be applied to your future dissertation research or to your role as a scholar-practitioner.

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My current issue in health care leadership is lack of diversity among healthcare leaders. Because our healthcare system is still dominated by a homogenous leadership structure, even with a wide patient base, this topic interests me. My passion is equity and inclusion. By promoting diverse leaders, we can build a better medical culture capable of meeting the needs all patients.

This course has two main benefits for me. It will help me in both my research and as a scholar-practitioner. I will be able to use key theories, such as the transformational leadership model, to help develop programs that promote diversity in healthcare administrations. Secondly, learning about change management strategies such as Lewin’s Change Theory will allow me to effectively evaluate these interventions and measure their impact on creating more inclusive health systems.

I will be better equipped to tackle the problem of inequalities within executive roles. This knowledge will help me improve patient outcomes and set an example to other leaders who are from less fortunate communities.

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