Describe the chain of command and the method of public health response that was conducted in this situation.

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Following is the order of operations in this case: A local public-health agency was the first to be notified about a possible outbreak. Then they began responding by interviewing the people affected and confirming the diagnosis. After the initial assessment was completed, the team worked together with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the State Health Department to create a comprehensive plan. The implementation of control measures, such as contact trace to find additional cases. This also provided resources and education.

Communication was a key component of the public health response. This allowed stakeholders to exchange information faster and facilitates better collaboration on tackling this problem. These efforts were also supported by an updated surveillance system that monitored any changes in real-time, allowing for prompt implementation of preventative actions if necessary. This incident proved how effective it is to use existing technology and resources in public health response.

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