Describe the business and provide a summary of the business analytics they could apply to their business in multiple scenarios.

Implementation plan for Lasa Business Analytics

ABC Company is a retail startup. The company is a startup that sells clothing online. They are currently looking for ways to increase their reach through social media. Analytics tools are essential to optimize returns. They can identify which strategies are effective and which ones don’t.

One such tool they could apply would be predictive analytics, which can help them gain insight into potential customer behavior & preferences based on past data points – thereby providing invaluable information for creating targeted marketing campaigns that yield maximum ROI.

ABC may also consider A/B testing for business analysis. With this method, they can accurately determine the success of different product or web page layouts without making large investments in market research and costly surveys.

In addition, ABC could also benefit from using cohort analysis when looking at customer trends & demographic profiles over time – helping them identify potential risks/opportunities & take appropriate action accordingly. ABC might also consider using sentiment analysis to assess public opinions about their products/services, before taking any significant decisions.

Overall, ABC has multiple options when it comes to utilizing business analytics – ranging from predictive modeling & A/B testing to cohort analysis & sentiment analysis etc.All these insights can help you succeed in the future.

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