Describe the APN role that you are pursuing at South and why you chose this role—add a personal story to illustrate. 

250 words before 08/19/2021, 6:00 PM

Because I’m passionate about providing high-quality healthcare for my local community, I want to pursue an APN (Advanced Practice Nurse) position at South. From a young age, I have been driven to make a difference in people’s lives and use my knowledge and skills to positively impact their health outcomes. As an EMT volunteer and as a clinical worker, I witnessed firsthand the importance of nurses providing care for patients. Additionally, it was possible to make a contribution to larger-scale projects such as population-based research initiatives or prevention strategies.

As an APN, I will be able to take on a more active role in patient care—from diagnosis and treatment to health education—while still being able to collaborate with other healthcare professionals for improved outcomes. This role also allows me to set my own hours, which I find important considering my commitments as wife and mom. Ultimately, becoming an APN allows me to combine my passion for helping others with the flexibility that comes with it—which is why it is such a perfect fit for me.

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