Describe the actions of people and organizational leaders directly and indirectly involved with the tragedy.

Paper on Business Ethics Reflection (tragic Event)

Pilots from Flight 4590 and their leaders were directly implicated in the tragedy. The pilots of Flight 4590 were responsible for not acknowledging safety warnings or disregarding them that might have alerted them to the danger posed by their actions. Air France’s corporate executives were also indirectly implicated because they failed to implement safety protocols and take proper steps to make sure that operations are up-to-standard despite previous similar incidents.

Additionally, regulators like the National Transportation Safety Board and other aviation authorities failed to adequately supervise airline operations that led up to this crash. Many of the passengers aboard Flight 4590 failed to take reasonable precautions in evacuation. Crew members who arrived on the scene did not provide clear instructions as to what was required to make sure everyone made it out alive. These people and organisations played important roles in this tragic incident, which reminds us all to be vigilant about air travel.

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