Describe one of the following three ways to assess reliability of a research instrument in your own words. How would you assess for this type of instrument reliability in a published research study?  

Please describe one of these three methods to evaluate the reliability of a nursing researcher| Nursing research

A test-retest reliability method is one way to evaluate the reliability of a research instrument. The test-retest reliability method involves administering the exact same measure twice, with a period between each. Next, compare the results. These data can then be compared to determine if the instrument measures what it meant.

First, it is important to determine the length of interval between measurement administrations in order to assess instrument reliability. Generally speaking, shorter intervals tend to be more accurate as they allow for less opportunities for any changes or influences to affect people’s responses . A second consideration is whether correlation and other statistical tests were applied when analysing any similarities or differences. Researchers should also show evidence that the results of their studies correlate with other comparable studies to prove their instrument’s reliability.

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