Describe one method that includes using evidence-based data to support a new or innovative ways to care for the aging now or in the future. How will it impact care and what are the anticipated outcomes?

Discussion question 8: 2. Describe one approach that incorporates

Telehealth is one method which uses evidence-based data in support of new and innovative ways to care for an aging population. The technology allows seniors to have access to health services from their homes, without the need to travel and wait in lines. This technology can help improve the outcomes of patients by providing quick access to specialist and reducing travel or lodging costs.

It encourages active engagement between patients and providers by simplifying communication via video conferencing platforms, secure messaging systems or other means. The ability to communicate with patients via video conferencing platforms or secure messaging systems allows for better compliance and communication between providers and patients. This also helps caregivers understand the treatment plan being followed, which aids in more effective management of chronic illnesses. You will see better outcomes for patients who otherwise might not be able to visit traditional medical appointments.

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