Describe how you will go about the annotation of a quantitative research article

8110 Research | Walden University

  1. To understand and answer the research question, read the introduction and abstract of the article.
  2. Please read the Methods section. This section explains the method and the data collection processes. You must identify the research design, sample technique, data collection methods, statistical analysis, and research design.
  3. Variables are essential components of quantitative research. Determine the dependent and independent variables, as well as any other variables used to control the results of the study.
  4. Data accuracy. Verify that the data was reliable and accurate. You should also confirm that data were consistent with research questions.
  5. Analyze Results to Understand the Statistical Analysis. Examine the results section to determine statistical significance.
  6. Interpret the findings. This section will help you determine if your research questions have been answered. Identify the key findings and whether the results align with the study’s objectives.
  7. Critique the study: Finally, evaluate the study’s strengths and limitations. Examine the study for potential biases or limitations that may affect its results.

Notes can be added to the article directly or in separate documents. Keep track of any annotations, as well as additional questions or notes that may arise throughout the process.


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