Describe how you as Family Nurse Practitioner, can/or have made a difference in the care of patients with this specific disease and tell of one specific patient care teaching that he/she may do to help minimize disease symptoms. Use apa format and References scholarch article no older than 5 years.

A Family Nurse Practitioner can help patients suffering from diabetes. I provide comprehensive care, and promote patient education. Agarwal Tandon, Gupta, (2018) concluded that comprehensive care encompasses all aspects of diabetes management. This includes blood pressure and glucose control as well as weight management and smoking cessation.

To help reduce disease symptoms, one specific patient care lesson that I might do is to teach patients about the importance of exercise. A study by O’Brien et al. 2016 found that patients with diabetes can improve their glycemic control by engaging in physical activity. The American Diabetes Association recommends that patients with diabetes engage in 150 minutes of aerobic exercise of moderate intensity per week and 75 minutes of vigorous activity of high intensity per week. Patients should do this over at most three days, with no more than two days of activity.

Patients may be taught the importance of exercise, and I might recommend certain types of activities, like swimming or biking. They may need to know how to check their blood glucose before and after exercise to avoid hypoglycemia. Additionally, they may be recommended to work with an exercise specialist or physical therapist in order to create a personalised exercise program.

En conclusion, as a Family Nursing Practitioner I am able to make a significant difference in diabetes care by offering comprehensive care and encouraging patient education. My goal is to educate patients on the benefits of exercise and help reduce disease symptoms.

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