Describe how will you resolve a conflict between a patient or co-worker?

It is important to work in healthcare by resolving conflict. There are several steps to take in order to solve a dispute between patients and co-workers.

  1. Recognize the problem: It’s important to recognize the issue and show a willingness for change.
  2. Listen actively: Listen carefully to the patient or co-worker’s perspective and try to understand their concerns.
  3. Clear the air: Answer questions and gain a better understanding.
  4. Find common ground. Identify the areas where there is agreement.
  5. Offer solutions: Provide solutions and solicit input from patients or colleagues.
  6. Select a solution.
  7. Continue to Follow Up: This is where you make sure that everyone involved feels satisfied and the solution is effective.

A professional and calm approach to conflict resolution is essential. It is possible to solve conflicts constructively and positively by listening and empathizing with others.

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