Describe how transformational leadership style may influence the process of investigating this professional nurse colleague that reports to one of your unit managers.

Leadership and Professional Identity | Leadership and Professional Identity | Rasmussen College System

A transformational style of leadership can be a powerful influence in the investigation of a professional nursing colleague who reports to you. Through communication, trust, motivation and communication, transformational leaders aim to motivate their colleagues to reach higher performance. Transformative leaders communicate effectively to set expectations and give feedback so that their team members can achieve better results. These leaders are more inclined to give their employees autonomy and the decision-making power to make decisions. This can help them feel confident when they have to deal with difficult situations like investigating a colleague nurse. The leadership style of this type encourages trust and respect among their team members, which may help to create an environment in which reporting possible misconduct is not feared or punished. Finally, transformational leaders often strive for excellence in all aspects of patient care including safety, quality and efficiency – all necessary qualities needed when dealing with an investigation into potential misconduct by one’s own nursing staff member.


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