Describe how this EBP research supports your practice.If your practice is different than the recommendations in the evidence-based article, how could you use this article to support your practice?

Employer-based evidence-based practice

The evidence-based research provides me with valuable information regarding the effectiveness of various pharmacological options for treating adolescents’ depression. The research focuses specifically on the efficacy of selective serotonin reuptake inhibits (SSRIs) in improving depression symptoms and reducing relapse risk. It also gives insight on possible side effects that can be used to help make informed decisions about treatment options and dosages.

If my practice differs from this article’s recommendations – such as prescribing a different type of medication or incorporating psychotherapy techniques alongside pharmaceutical treatments – then I could use it to support my approach by citing its findings and referencing scientific studies that have been conducted on the topic. It helps me demonstrate credibility and allows me to justify why some treatments work better for patients depending on their individual circumstances. Because no two patients are the same, it is important to have access to evidence-based research to ensure that personalized care yields best results.

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