Describe how the concepts of leadership and management differ from each other.

Talk about leadership topics/describe the principles of leadership

Both leadership and management can often be used interchangeably. But they can have very different meanings, and implications when used in contexts of professional or organizational practice.

The ability to motivate and lead others toward a shared goal is called leadership. This involves creating a vision, encouraging others to follow it, and encouraging innovation and change. It is all about setting a vision and coordinating resources and people towards that goal. People often view leaders as visionary and charismatic. They inspire people to succeed.

Managers, on the contrary, are responsible for planning, organizing, controlling and monitoring resources (people, money etc.). Specific objectives. Managers are responsible for ensuring day-to-day operations run efficiently and effectively, as well as that organizational goals can be achieved. Management is often viewed as an analytical, systemic, and process-oriented individual who is focused on reaching specific goals within a set time frame.

Leadership is all about setting the direction for others and encouraging them to do so. Management is more about organizing and managing resources in order to accomplish specific goals. Both leadership and management are essential to the success of a team or organization. They require different approaches and skills. Although some people have both leadership and managerial skills, others are more skilled at either one.

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