Describe how alignment between the values of an organization and the values of the nurse impact nurse engagement and patient outcomes.

Organization values presentation | Nursing homework help

Slide 1 Introduction

  • Initiate the discussion on organizational culture and value and how they are important in healthcare organizations
  • Explain the presentation’s purpose, which is exploring how nurse engagement and outcomes can be improved by bringing together the values and beliefs of both the organization and nurse.

Slide 2: Organizational Culture

  • Definition of the organizational culture.
  • Define how culture is maintained and created in an organisation

Slide 3: Organisational Values

  • Describe organizational values, and their impact on shaping culture
  • Give examples of the common values that are found within healthcare organizations

Slide 4: Nursing Values

  • Disseminate the importance personal values and nursing practice
  • Explain how nurses’ values align with the values of the healthcare organization

Slide 5: Harmonization of Values

  • Define the advantages of aligning the values and values of an organisation with the values of a nurse
  • Showcase examples that alignment can enhance nurse engagement, and ultimately improve the patient outcome

Slide 6: Nurse Engagement

  • How does nurse engagement impact patient outcomes?
  • Talk about the relation between nurse engagement and alignment of values

Slide 7: Patient Outcomes

  • Explain the benefits of aligning your values to improve patient outcomes
  • Support the relationship between aligned values and outcomes for patients by presenting evidence from research studies

Slide 8: Strategy for aligning values

  • Consider strategies for healthcare organisations to match the values and beliefs of their nurses.
  • Showcase examples of how these strategies have been implemented successfully in healthcare organisations

Slide 9: Conclusion

  • Recapitulate the main points from the presentation
  • In order to improve nurse engagement and patient outcomes, reinforce the need for alignment between nurse values and organizational values.

Slide 10: References

  • In your presentation, include any research you have done on the subject.

Visual aids such as graphs, tables and images can be used to explain or support your content.

You will need to prepare a presentation lasting 10 minutes (10-15 slides) about organizational culture.

  1. Explain how aligning the values and those of the nurse can have a positive impact on nurse engagement and patient outcomes.
  2. Discussion about effective communication skills that can be used to help overcome workplace difficulties, promote collaboration between groups and solve problems. Consider how the system and culture of health can influence the outcome. This is how does it relate to disease prevention and health promotion in the bigger picture.
  3. In your personal professional experiences, identify a particular instance where values aligned between the organizational values and those of individual nurses. Discuss the effects this had on nurses’ engagement and patient outcomes.

It is important to write well in academic subjects. In-text citations should follow the APA guidelines.

The rubric is used in this assignment. Before you begin the assignment, make sure to review the rubric to understand the expected outcomes.

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