Describe different quality methods within healthcare and explain the basic models of quality improvement in healthcare.

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To ensure the best care possible for patients, healthcare uses many quality methodologies. In order to improve patient outcomes, quality improvement methods focus on safety, efficiency, and effectiveness. Six Sigma (Lean Management), Total Quality Management (TQM) and Continuous Improvement are some of the most commonly used models for quality improvements.

Six Sigma, a data-driven method that identifies and corrects errors or waste through careful analysis, is known as Six Sigma. The Lean management approach focuses upon streamlining and eliminating unnecessary or unproductive activities in order to decrease costs and improve patient satisfaction. TQM is about creating an organization culture that is focused on providing quality service. It involves looking at all aspects of the operation from the perspective of customers. Continuous improvement is a way to encourage continuous learning in an organization, so any problems can be addressed quickly and efficiently.

These quality models may be combined or used separately, depending on which type of service or healthcare environment they are being applied to. Ultimately, their goal is the same – utilizing evidence-based approaches and data analysis tools in order to achieve better patient outcomes with fewer resources

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