Describe briefly an example of a nursing practice that has changed in the last two years. Explain how theory development, research exploration, and information technology supports the changes you have described.

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Telehealth has been a major change in nursing practices over the past two years. Telehealth technology allows remote care consultations to be conducted between patient and provider. It makes this a much more convenient alternative for those who can’t come to an office for an appointment. These changes were largely driven by research into how technology can bridge the gap in care access and theory development in communications.

The communication theory guides providers in how to best communicate with patients via telehealth so treatment plans can be carried out even without direct contact. Data from research has shown that telehealth can have better results than just office visits. These data support its continued use in routine care models. Information technology also makes it possible to connect with patients digitally through video conferencing or messaging apps.

All three of these aspects work together to create an environment that allows telehealth to be more widely adopted in mainstream healthcare.

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