Describe at least two ethical theories under which the situation will be analyzed.



  • A brief overview of the legal and ethical issues facing businesses

II. II. Description of the business situation

  • A detailed description of your business and all legal and ethical concerns it faces
  • Identification of all stakeholders and their impact on the situation

III. Ethical Analysis

  • Two or more ethical theories should be described that can be applied to the analysis of this situation
  • Analyse of ethical implications and application of ethical theories in the context of business situations
  • How to identify conflicting ethical principles, and what they should be resolved

IV. IV. Legal Analysis

  • The specific law areas that will analyze the situation.
  • An analysis of the relationship between the case and the law, as well as identification of legal issues.
  • Discuss any possible legal consequences for stakeholders and business

V. Conclusion

  • Summary of main conclusions from the legal and ethical analysis
  • Identification of possible solutions for legal and/or ethical problems in the business environment

VI. VI. Referring Page

  • A list of 10 scholarly resources that were used in your paper. Formatted using APA style
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