Describe any gaps in knowledge that you found and the effects this may have on nursing practice as it relates to your change project topic.

Week 4 critical appraisal/integrative literature review

While researching for my topic on change, I noticed a gap in knowledge. There was little education and limited resources to help long-term care facilities with cyber security. It is vital that healthcare organizations protect patients data from cyber threats. Many do not possess the right protocols or skills to make sure these security measures are in place. As a result, this can expose patients’ information to unauthorized access which could lead to serious privacy violations or financial harm.

This knowledge gap could have serious implications on nursing practice. Nursing staff may face legal challenges if breaches occur. They are required to protect patient information under HIPAA regulations. A flood of questions related to the incident may cause nurses to be distracted from providing care for patients. To ensure safe and efficient care, it is important that staff are educated about cyber security in long-term care facilities.

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