Describe an intrapersonal conflict you have experienced either in your career or personal life. How did you think through your options? Do you think you made the right decision?

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When I decided which college I wanted to go after high school, I faced an internal conflict. One, it was a highly regarded university with many learning opportunities and growth potential. It was also on the opposite side of my home, family and friends. However, I was also accepted to a nearby college that had lower tuition fees and would let me stay closer to my family.

After carefully considering my options, I spoke with teachers and family about which one would work best to achieve my dreams and goals. I realized that college was the best option for me. It would allow me to be independent and have access to more resources than my local college. But this decision meant leaving behind my support system of friends and family if things didn’t work out as planned. All these considerations were carefully considered and I decided to go to the university far from home due to their prestige and potential to set me up for future success, such as in graduate school or job positions.

It was the best decision I made. This university provided invaluable opportunities for me, such as research projects abroad, internships with internationally renowned professors, and mentorship programs that involved industry professionals. This is not possible at smaller institutions, where students may choose to take a more straightforward path, with less academic expectations and fewer challenges from faculty. As I look back on the past, it’s clear that taking chances early in life pays off tremendously later.

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