Describe a situation in which the nurse manager would use problem resolution in the workplace. Describe a situation in which the nurse manager would use negotiation to resolve a conflict (or potential conflict) in the workplace. 

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Managers use problem resolution to resolve workplace problems. These can be caused by a variety of factors, such as insufficient staffing or conflict between employees. In cases where an employee has committed misconduct, this method might be applied. A nurse manager will need to come up with a suitable solution. This ensures that accountability is maintained while maintaining safety at work.

Negotiation is about finding mutually beneficial solutions to conflict between parties. For example, if two departments have difficulty working together, the nurse manager might use negotiation techniques like open dialogue and compromising to find a solution that all can accept. Both sides will feel that their needs are being considered, which allows them to work together more efficiently and prevents tensions from escalating. When faced with difficult situations in the workplace, nurse managers need to have tools for problem resolution and negotiation.

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