Describe a client from the group who you do not think is adequately progressing according to expected clinical outcomes. 

Walden University| NURS 6650 – Psychotherapy With Groups and Families | Walden University


Counseling a group 12-15 year old girls who have suffered abuse, neglect, or separation from their family. It aims to help clients increase communication, self-esteem, and trust in their relationships.

Maria, a particular client, is not making progress as expected. It is hard for Maria to speak up in the group and to share her personal experiences. She has also displayed behavioral isolationism, refusing to engage in group activities that involve interaction with others.

My therapeutic approach is based on creating an environment that allows all members to feel safe and understood when they discuss their problems. Cognitive-behavioral Therapy (CBT), which includes relaxation techniques and guided imagery, is used to promote healthy self-talk. I also engage my clients in conversations that challenge any negative thoughts they might have about others or themselves. Although this method is effective overall, Maria has trouble communicating with me and the other members of her group due to her distrust from adults/authority figures that have hurt her in the past. This results in little improvement compared to the clinical outcome she expected.

Any information that could impact the expected outcome include: trauma prevalence among adolescents girls (Menon and al. 2020); less resources for underserved population thus increasing risk of overtreatment ailment substance abuse disorders; increased rates being placed foster system, missing academic opportunities; underutilization mental health services contributing to greater depression anxiety PTSD etc.(Stiffman et al., 2019).


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Stiffman A , Pflum T Sikkema K.(2019), Mental Health Service Utilization Among Low Income Adolescents In Foster Care Retrieved Fromhttps://pubmednchbinlmnihgov32882576





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