Define the problem in the scenario that you have chosen. Analyze the problem in the scenario.  

Assignment 2 – problem solving

In the example scenario that I chose, the problem is the inability to communicate between the departments. Particularly, the lack of communication between sales and marketing teams has resulted in customer dissatisfaction due to miscommunications regarding product benefits and features, and delays in answering inquiries. Inconsistencies among sales channels have also been caused by this lack of communication in regards to pricing policies.

To understand the root causes of this issue, it is important to identify what they are. You might need to identify cultural differences and differing perspectives among employees. It may also be necessary to assess current organizational structures or procedures which could hinder collaboration. Additionally, gathering feedback from customers regarding their experiences with the company’s products or services can provide valuable insights into potential areas of improvement that should be addressed.

The organization must study this problem in detail to develop effective solutions.

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