Define Over-training Syndrome and discuss some of the signs and symptoms.

Overtraining syndrome | Nursing homework help

OTS, or overtraining syndrome (OTS), is a collection of physical and mental symptoms that may be caused by long-term exercise. OTS can manifest as fatigue, insomnia and increased resting heart beat, mood disturbances (irritability, depression), loss of appetite, weight loss and/or loss, diminished motivation to exercise, high blood pressure, soreness, and joint pain.

Another sign could be a weak immune system that can cause frequent illness such as flu-like symptoms, changes in hormones, digestive problems such as constipation or diarrhea; muscle cramps/or tightness; and changes in sleeping patterns such as difficulty falling asleep at night or getting up frequently. These symptoms could be due to other conditions, so make sure to consult a doctor.

To avoid overtraining, it is essential to remember the importance of taking breaks. You can understand how your body reacts to workouts and ensure you have adequate rest. This is why it’s important not to ignore any strange feelings or symptoms in an effort catch the problem quickly.

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