Define and discuss the aging process and the demographic characteristics of the elderly population in your community.

Senior health x 2 ( due 24 hours)

Aging is the progressive decline of social, physical and mental abilities as we age. The process may cause a gradual decline in fitness or more severe conditions such as cognitive impairment and vision loss. My community’s elderly population is 12%. They are defined statistically as people over 65. The majority of them are retired with a median annual income below $25k. They rely more on government resources such as Social Security and disability benefits than they do from their employment earnings.

The elderly are also more educated than the rest of society, with nearly two-thirds having some college education. However, this can have a negative impact on financial security because they earn less after retiring. Many of them have long-term conditions, such as hypertension and diabetes. They require special healthcare services in order to be treated effectively.

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