Debbie’s checkbook balance was $2,715.50. She wrote checks totaling $5,298.13 during the month of May. Deposits made during the month were $250.16 on May 1. On May 15, her payroll check was electronically processed for $2980.66; on May 22, a check from the IRS was electronically processed for $2,550. On May 27, she recorded $534.10 for payments debited to her account for auto insurance and utilities. What is her checkbook balance?

. debbie’s checkbook balance was $2,715.50. Checks totaling $2,715.50 were written by her.

Debbie’s checkbook balance at the end of May is negative $2,187.73. It is possible to calculate her checkbook balance at the end of May by adding $2,715.50 to her initial balance and subtracting $5,298.13 from her monthly total checks payments. The difference is negative 2582.63, which can be adjusted to reflect deposits that were made in the month. This includes a $250.16 deposit on May 1, a $2980.66 payroll check on May 15, and a $2550 IRS check on May 22nd. Payments debited from her account were $534.10 (May 27th). All of these numbers add up and make positive $3815_79, which is negative 2187 when we subtract her initial deficit. 73 .

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