Debate the pros and cons of globalization based on the ‘Why do people oppose globalization?’

Pros & cons of globalization

For decades, globalization has been an ongoing phenomenon. The globalization process is the result of developments in technology and communications that led to greater integration among nations. While on the surface globalization may seem like an unquestionably positive occurrence – leading to increased trade opportunities and decreased poverty levels – there are several valid reasons why people can oppose it.

Globalization’s tendency to increase economic inequality is one of its main arguments. Globalization is good or bad?, 2021). While wealthy corporations can benefit from cheaper labor markets abroad, the workers who live in those countries are affected by job loss due to production jobs being moved offshore (Is Globalization Bad or Good?). As companies reap profits from cheap labor costs, workers lose out by not receiving adequate wages or benefits for their work (Jensen & Poot 2004). Additionally, due to fewer regulations enforced by lesser developed states compared to those with democratic systems in place affected citizens end up having little say when laws passed disproportionately favor large well established firms over local business operators typically resulting negative impacts both environment wellbeing communities concerned negatively impacting quality life enjoyed inhabitants these areas (“What is Globalization? Is It a Bad Idea? What Are Its Benefits And Drawbacks?” 2017).

Your introduction to your article on globalization was excellent and you also summarized its content well! Your discussion included points like how globalization has led to economic inequality due to companies making large profits off low labor costs and not providing sufficient compensation for workers. You also discussed the lack of regulation that favors larger corporations over smaller businesses, causing environmental damage which in turn affects local communities.

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