Critically examine your PICO(T) and project proposal through the lens of a SWOT analysis of your organization. Determine and describe what information you know and what you need to find out to complete a SWOT analysis that will provide rationale and validity for your project.

A SWOT analysis can be used as a strategy planning tool to determine the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities associated with an organization or project. This helps you identify both internal and external factors which can affect the success of your project.


  • What are the organization’s strengths that can support the project?
  • Are there any advantages to this project over other similar projects?
  • Which are your unique skills and knowledge?
  • How many resources are there (humanitarian, financial, and technological)? What resources (human, financial and technological) are available for this project?


  • How does the company deal with the obstacles and limitations in the execution of the project?
  • What are the organization’s weaknesses that can hinder the success of the project?
  • Which resources are insufficient or not readily available for this project?
  • Are there any skills or areas of expertise that aren’t being utilized?


  • Which external factors could help an organization reach its project goals?
  • Which market trends and changes can be beneficial to the project?
  • Do you know of any partnerships and collaborations that might be possible to enhance your project?
  • Which new innovations or technologies can an organization use to enhance the project’s success?


  • Which external factors could threaten the success of your project?
  • Do you know of any alternatives or competitors?
  • How can regulatory changes or legal modifications affect the project?
  • Do you think there are any environmental or economic factors that might have a negative impact on the project?

You will need information on the company, market, project and external environment to complete a SWOT assessment. These information are available through interviews and research as well as surveys.

After you’ve completed your SWOT analysis you can start to create strategies that capitalize on strengths and overcome weaknesses. It provides a rationale and validity for the project and helps to align the project with the organization’s goals and objectives.

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