Create your own SWOT analysis. How would you respond to your personal strengths and weaknesses if you were a prospective employer?

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Strengths: My strength is my ability to be organized and meticulous. I also have excellent problem solving skills as well as communication skills. Strong work ethics and a willingness to take on challenging situations are what I possess.

Weaknesses : It is easy to be too harsh on myself sometimes, which can make it difficult for me to meet deadlines and reach the goals I have set.

Opportunities: Continuing my education and taking on new roles/responsibilities within the workplace would allow me to further develop my knowledge base and acquire new skills.

Dangers: A lack of relevant experience could limit my chances of obtaining specific jobs or higher levels of accountability within an organisation.

As a potential employer, I would highlight my strengths during interviews. This could include providing examples of how effectively using these skills has helped me succeed in previous roles as well as showcasing any awards/accomplishments achieved due to this level of competency. It is also important to show that you are aware of your weaknesses and have taken steps toward improving them. The discussion of potential dangers should not be about the limitations that might exist but rather how one plans to overcome them by continuing growth and development, both personally and professionally.

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