Create an overview of the history and background of each company vying  for the government contract.

Bus 315 week 10 assignment 5 – federal contracting activities and

Company A, an international technology company that was founded in 2000, specializes in software development for commercial and government clients. Through their innovation and commitment to customer service, Company A has been an industry leader over the years. They provide cutting-edge products which consistently surpass expectations.

Company B, which is mid-sized in size and established more than 30 years ago, has extensive experience with various government contracts. Their expertise is in data protection and secure networking. They take pride in being able to offer cost-effective solutions that maintain high quality while still maintaining security.

Company C, a relative newcomer to the market, has made a mark by consistently producing timely results. Their cloud computing solutions include tailored analytics and customized services that increase efficiency within an organization. Each company has a unique history and background that should be considered when choosing who gets the government contract.

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