Create an initial post in which you take a position on the ownership of personal data. Identify the potential owners of this information and analyse how and why they could be considered owner to someone’s personal data.

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Individuals should have the right to control their personal information. They can decide who has access and how the data is used to safeguard their privacy, and to ensure their identity isn’t misused.

The potential owners of this data could include companies such as social media platforms or online stores which collect user information for various reasons ranging from marketing/advertising analytics through customer service inquiries. These entities may have some level of control but the ultimate owner should remain the individual as they are unable to guarantee data security.

Additionally, government entities like tax offices also play a role when comes down ownership personal data since laws require certain pieces information being made available authorities order progress investigations/complaints etc. However, this is not a problem as I feel that individuals must always have full rights no matter what. This also applies when medical records are involved.

Overall, I think it essential recognize importance protecting one’s personal property especially this digital age we live where so much attention given what happens with collected data thus why ownership needs remain sole responsibility those whom related info belongs allowing then decide under which circumstances said details can shared further otherwise not.

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