Create a professional presentation of your evidence-based intervention and change proposal to be disseminated to an interprofessional audience of leaders and stakeholders.

Proposal for project change | Nursing homework help

My proposal for evidence-based interventions and changes is intended to increase the quality of patient care through implementation an electronic medical record system. This presentation will provide an overview and timeline of implementation of the system. It is intended to be distributed to an interprofessional audience, including leaders and stakeholders, so they are able to make informed decisions on moving forward with the project.

This presentation will start with a description of current healthcare system, and then a discussion about why it needs to be improved. Following this will be statistics showing how EMRs reduce errors and improve accuracy when documenting patient information. A discussion will follow about resources and the estimated timeframe for implementation. Participants will be provided with pertinent facts and figures so that all can understand the implications of proposed changes.

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