Create a PowerPoint presentation that explains any legal implications that exist for failure to adhere to a standard of care, the key elements of malpractice, and compare the differences in malpractice policy options.

Assignment 1: Recognizing the importance of following the care standard

I. I. Introduction

  • Definition of the standard of care
  • It is important to adhere to a standard of care
  • An overview of medical malpractice and its effects on healthcare

II. II. Legal implications of failing to adhere to the Standard of Care

  • Review of the legal consequences of failing to follow the standard of care
  • Legal implications and explanation of negligence
  • Exemples of poor care

III. III. Key Element of Malpractice

  • An overview of Malpractice
  • The four main elements of malpractice: breach, duty, causation and damages.
  • Examples of healthcare malpractice


  • A review of the various malpractice policies available
  • Comparative analysis of claims-made and occurrence-based insurance policies
  • The pros and cons of every policy option

V. Conclusion

  • Summary of Key Points
  • It is crucial to understand the legal implications for failure to uphold standard of care, and malpractice
  • Health care providers are urged to take action and prioritize safety for patients.


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