Create a detailed, integrated project charter to address a healthcare gap, need, or improvement at your practicum site.

For healthcare, you will need to create an integrated and detailed project charter.


Project Charter: Reduce Hospital Readmissions by Providing Better Transitional Care

Part I: General Project Information

Title of the Project: Improved Transitional Care to Reduce Hospital Readmissions

Project Date: March 1, 2023 – May 31, 2023

Project Manager: Jane Doe

Statement of Project Purpose: Through the improvement of transitional care, this project will reduce readmissions to hospitals among patients in the 30 days following discharge.

Problem Statement: Patients are often readmitted to hospital after discharge within 30 days. These readmissions are costly and often result in poor care coordination or patient engagement. Improved transitional care can lead to better patient outcomes, and lower hospital readmissions.

Project goals:

  1. Within three months, the project has reduced hospital readmissions by 15%.
  2. Within three months, you can increase patient satisfaction through transitional care by 20%.

Scope of this project: To improve the transitional care process for patients with high readmission risk, this project is intended. The project will include the design and implementation of transitional care plans, education of caregivers and patients as well as improved communication between patients and providers. Follow-up after discharge is also possible.

Part 2: Project Team

John Smith, Project Sponsor

Project Manager: Jane Doe

The Project Team:

  1. Physician Champion: Dr. Karen Lee
  2. Nurse Leader: Sarah Johnson
  3. Maria Rodriguez, Case Manager
  4. Pharmacist: Michael Brown
  5. David Chen, Information Technology Specialist

Part 3: A Project Plan

SWOT Analysis


  • Team member with diverse skills to engage in project work
  • Hospital leadership support and sponsorship
  • Electronic medical records and patient data are available


  • Resources are not available for follow-up and education of patients.
  • Staff and providers resist change
  • Staff lack the necessary training or knowledge to support transitional care.


  • Collaboration with other community resources and organizations for patient support
  • Transfer care services and programs receive increased funding
  • Technology advances in patient engagement and care coordination


  • Transitional care services are not eligible for reimbursement.
  • Modifications to healthcare regulations and policies
  • Staff and providers have competing priorities

Ethical considerations: The team of the project will make sure that confidentiality and patient privacy are protected throughout the entire project. All patients involved in this project will have to give informed consent. All interventions will be based on evidence and not harm patients, according to the project team.

Project implementation may be limited by time and resources. Staff and providers might resist change.

External dependencies: Patient, caregiver, and provider engagement is crucial for the success of this project. The project may need to collaborate with other community organizations and resources.

Communication strategy: To ensure all parties are kept informed and involved in the project, the team will employ a range of communication tools. These include regular updates and meetings with the hospital and project sponsor, emails with providers and staff, and education materials for caregivers and patients.

To measure the success of the project, the following outcome measures will be taken:

  1. Within 30 days of discharge, hospital readmissions rates
  2. Satisfaction with Transitional Care Processes
  3. Satisfaction of caregivers with transitional care

Data collection procedures: At discharge, and for two weeks thereafter, caregiver and patient satisfaction surveys are conducted. Electronic medical records will allow for the collection of hospital readmission data. Regular meetings will be held by the project team to review progress and find areas that need improvement.


Weeks 1-2

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