Create a 10–15 slide PowerPoint presentation that compares how different communities respond to crises, describes obstacles to providing health care services related to community crises, and explains current practices for providing health care services related to community crises.

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Slide Title

  • Titular of the Presentation
  • Your name
  • Name of the Course and number
  • Datum


  • The presentation overview
  • Explanation of what the presentation is for
  • An overview of both the communities and their crises

Comparative Analysis of Communities

  • A description of these two communities, and the crisis they are in
  • Comparative analysis of different strategies used in responding to each crisis within each community

Community Health Impacts of Crisis

  • Explaination of how the situation of crisis in each community affected overall health
  • The short-term as well as long-term consequences of the crisis for health

Obstacles to providing health care services

  • Recognize the obstacles that may prevent you from providing services to your local community in times of crisis
  • Discussing possible solutions

Providers of Health Care Services: Current Practices

  • Exploration of community practices for providing community health services in times of crisis
  • Examining the weaknesses and strengths of current practices

The Evidence-Based Nursing Response

  • Recommendation for an evidence-based, nursing approach to providing community crisis health care services
  • Discuss the reasoning behind the recommendation
  • The recommended solution addresses identified barriers and improves existing practices.


  • A summary of the key points covered in this presentation
  • Last thoughts regarding the importance of providing community crisis health care services using an evidence-based nurse response


  • Listing of at least three current scholarly resources or professional sources used in the presentation formatted in APA.
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