Considering this challenge that we all face as managers and would-by leaders, what can we do to prepare ourselves for when the market delivers a challenging event?  

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Managers and leaders need to be ready for any market challenges. Understanding the risks of different investments is essential to develop strategies that will help minimize their effects. Diversification, which spreads risk among different asset classes, is key to reducing portfolio volatility. Additionally, options and futures contracts are great for protecting against sudden price changes.

Monitoring the market environment is important in order to identify any indications of a possible downturn early. It could include keeping up to date with news about economic indicators or political developments, as well tracking price trends and consumer behavior changes to help anticipate any shifts that could impact performance in the future.

Also, contingency plans that can be put in place prior to a crisis are incredibly beneficial. By taking all these steps prior to any major event – managers will be better positioned towards navigating through turbulence and achieving sustainable success even under challenging market conditions.

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