Consider the ways HITECH and Meaningful Use mandates have impacted a health care setting with which you are familiar.

The HITECH Bill and Meaningful use have their pros and disadvantages. They encourage EHR adoption and promote changes that could lead to better patient care. But, EHR implementations that are too fast or sloppy can have adverse consequences. These include medical mistakes and lower quality care.

The mandates have the potential to make a difference in terms of quality, safety and ethics for patients. They promote the use and communication of EHRs. They can have adverse consequences if EHRs don’t get implemented correctly or healthcare providers become dependent on technology. This could lead to mistakes or lower patient-centered care.

While the funding for Meaningful Use and HITECH may seem worthwhile, it’s important to consider all the possible pros and cons. It is also crucial that you carefully evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of each mandate. This will ensure that the implementations of the mandates are thoughtful and safe, with the highest quality and safety. Nursing informatics can be a key role in advocating effective implementation as well as ensuring proper training for healthcare professionals in EHR use.

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