Consider how your identified technology tools might impact nursing practice if it were more widely used.

Robotic Surgery | Nursing homework help

The widespread use of technology in nursing can have an impact on all aspects of healthcare. Telemedicine apps, for example, allow nurses to remotely diagnose and treat patients. This can significantly reduce travel time between visits or wait times for specialist care. EHRs simplify documenting processes as nurses can quickly and easily access information about patients, such as allergies, medications, laboratory results, etc. from just one source. As data is no longer manually entered in to multiple systems, this saves both time and effort.

AI (artificial intelligence) is increasingly being employed to spot medical patterns that might otherwise go unnoticed. This can speed up the diagnosis process and allow for quicker treatment. Patients with less serious conditions may also be able to have their costs reduced or avoid hospitalizations altogether. Another area in which technology is beneficial to nursing practice are robotics. Robotics can be used for tedious tasks, such as moving patients across long distances or repositioning them. This frees up staff time for more valuable duties.

The potential benefits of embracing technological advances in nursing practice include reduced wait times, improved accuracy and the ability to deal with complicated conditions more accurately. To fully reap these benefits, they need to become part of the everyday operation at hospitals across the nation.

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