Consider how your identified technology tools might impact nursing practice if it were more widely used. What are some barriers preventing increased usage?

Innovative technologies are emerging in patient care

Technology tools, such as telemedicine, remote monitoring, and electronic medical records could be used more frequently in the nursing profession to improve patient care and efficiency. The use of electronic medical records allows for easier data sharing among healthcare professionals, which facilitates better coordination across different disciplines. Telemedicine can improve patient access by removing barriers like distance or transportation. It also provides patients with an easier way to get treatment from their primary doctor. The remote monitoring device can be a great benefit for caregivers as it provides them with instant insight into their patients’ health and allows them to intervene quickly if necessary.

These technologies have many potential advantages, but there are still some obstacles that prevent nurses from using them. They include privacy and data storage concerns, as well as cost restrictions. A lack of knowledge and training in the operation of unfamiliar technologies can also cause discomfort for nurse practitioners, which may lead to decreased utilization.

It is crucial that technology barriers like those listed above are removed so that everyone can enjoy better healthcare.

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