Consider how you will practice critical decision making for prescribing appropriate drugs and treatment to address the complex patient health needs in the patient case study you selected.

You must submit a detailed paper with 3 references by 7:30 PM.

My critical thinking skills will allow me to make informed decisions when prescribing medications or treatment for complex patients. I’ll consider the many factors that can affect care. I will review any medical records in order to determine if there are any contraindications to any medications or any adverse reactions.

Additionally, I will also assess the individual’s lifestyle and habits such as diet, exercise and substance use in order to determine any potential risks associated with drug therapy. It is also important to take into consideration patient preferences in determining medication treatment. This involves discussing the available options and taking into account personal values.

Last but not least, I strive to keep my patients informed throughout this process. This will allow them to feel more involved and empowered in making their healthcare decisions. By following these steps during every treatment plan development, I can ensure that appropriate drugs and therapies are prescribed based on evidence-based practices while addressing each patient’s unique needs.

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