Conduct a SWOT analysis detailing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that may affect the organization.

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A highly skilled team of experts with experience in the areas of cancer research and treatment.
Access to the most cutting-edge treatments via clinical trials or specialized boards for tumors
Staff that cares for patients with compassion and focuses on their individual needs.
There are many resources available that can help you prevent or screen for diseases, make lifestyle and other changes.
Lack of funding or financial resources to properly staff the facility and provide equipment as required.
Patients are denied timely access to the healthcare they require due to geographic or financial barriers.
Partnering with community groups to provide transportation for patients who need assistance to get to the treatment or appointments at the facility.
-Collaborating with insurance companies and other third party payers to help reduce out of pocket costs for patients receiving care at the facility who may be underinsured/uninsured.
Changes to legislation could result in restrictions regarding the types of treatment that are covered by insurance companies. This could restrict access for some patients who need cancer-related services at the facility and could make it more expensive.
Funding reductions from government agencies could result in reduced staffing, which can affect the quality and care at the facility.

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