Complete the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale and the Burnout Self Test below. What can be done to better manage stress at the individual level? What can organizations do to help employees better manage stress?

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Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale
Death of spouse 100. Marital separation 65. Detention in prison/prison 63. Death of close relatives 63. Major personal injury 53. Marriage 50.

The Burnout Self-Test:
After completing my job, I feel exhausted. 5/5

I find it difficult to stay motivated in my daily duties.

I feel apathy about my colleagues.

I’m exhausted after I come home from work.

You can manage stress at an individual level by making regular breaks to reset your body and mind, using mindfulness techniques (meditation or yoga), eating healthy meals and enough sleep. Also talk about any problems you have instead of burying them. Additionally, individuals should also make sure they are engaging in activities that bring them joy – whether it is reading books or going for walks in nature.

Employees may find it helpful to have their stress managed by organizations offering resources like mental health counseling or flexible work hours. Employers should encourage employees to take frequent breaks and set expectations for workloads. This will ensure that they know exactly what is expected from them, without making it difficult. Finally companies can create an environment where open dialogue about stressors is encouraged – this way people will feel comfortable discussing their concerns without fear of judgement or reprisal which will ultimately benefit everyone involved.

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