Compare between the characteristics of insurance life cycle in Sadia Arabia and the USA, Medicare?

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Saudi Arabia’s insurance lifecycle is very different from that in the United States. Saudi Arabia offers health insurance coverage through either employers or a government-sponsored program, Tawuniya. The plan requires that individuals pay monthly premiums, which can be adjusted based on their gender or age. Many plans have a limited scope, and do not cover specific treatments or illnesses. There are restrictions as to who is allowed access to the services.

The United States, on the other hand, operates with a private insurance system where people can select from many providers and policies that best suit their needs. Medicare was specifically created for people 65 years and older. It provides discounted medical care for eligible enrollees, as well as other benefits like vision or dental care. Furthermore, unlike Saudi Arabia’s system there are no limitations on what kind of care may be accessed under this program so long as it meets certain criteria set out by federal regulations.  These differences show how different insurance models can be used in different countries, depending on cultural norms and local regulations.

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